Offer: Online IPO Offer
Company: thedocyard Limited
Offer Open Date: 28 November 2019
Expected Closing Date: 5:00 PM (AEDT) on Friday 31 January 2020

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How Do I Apply For Shares Under The Offer - Step 1 of 6

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How to Participate        Disclaimer

Capitalised words used on this website have the meaning given to them in the Original PDS unless they are defined differently in the Supplementary PDS or on this website.

Step 1a Read the Prospectus. The Prospectus contains details of the initial public offering of Shares under the Offer.

Click here to view the Prospectus. The document will open in a new browser window. The electronic copy of the Prospectus is in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). You should ensure that any copy of the Prospectus you view or print is complete. To the extent permitted by law, the Trust is not liable for any loss incurred from accessing or downloading the Prospectus including, but not limited to, data corruptions on download.
Click here to view thedocyard Limited Corporate Governance Policies.

The Prospectus contains information about participating in the Offer. The information contained in the Prospectus does not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of an investor. It is important that you read the Prospectus carefully and in full before deciding whether to apply for Shares under the Offer. In particular, in considering the Prospectus you should consider the risk factors that could affect the financial performance and prospects of the Trust. You should carefully consider these risks in light of your personal circumstances (including financial and taxation issues) and seek professional advice from your accountant, stockbroker, financial adviser or other professional adviser before deciding to invest in the Trust.

The basis of the allocation of Shares under the Offer (including allocations under the Cornerstone Offer, General Offer and Broker Firm Offer) will be determined by the Responsible Entity after consultation with the Manager. There is no guarantee on the number of Shares available for allocation, if any, in the Cornerstone Offer, General Offer and Broker Firm Offer. The Responsible Entity reserves the right in its absolute discretion not to issue Shares to Applicants under the Offer. The Responsible Entity reserves the right to give certain Applicants preference in the allotment of Shares. The Responsible Entity reserves the right to aggregate any Applications under the Offer which it believes may be multiple Applications from the same person. The Responsible Entity in its sole discretion reserves the right to reject any Application or allocate a lesser number of Shares than applied for.

Application Amounts paid in respect of any rejected Application will be refunded. No interest will be paid on any Application Amounts refunded.

Step 1b Terms and Conditions.

I have read the Prospectus and accept the terms and conditions of the Offer

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Boardroom Pty Limited makes no recommendations as to whether any applicant should participate in this Offer, nor does it make any representations or warranties regarding the Offer. Investors should make their own decision to participate based on their own enquiries, the information contained in the Prospectus, and the suitability of the Offer to their own investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs. Applicants should read the Prospectus in its entirety and seek independent professional advice, before applying for securities. Boardroom Pty Limited does not provide any investment advice to Applicants.

Boardroom Pty Limited expressly disclaims and takes no responsibility for any part of the Prospectus other than a reference to our name and a statement included in the Prospectus with our consent. We do not make, or purport to make, any statement in the Prospectus or on which a statement made in the Prospectus is based, other than as specified in our consent and to the maximum extent permitted by law.

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